Monday, July 21, 2008

AVX tantalum capacitor for TPM low ESR multianode series

AVX has added a high capacitance to its low ESR tantalum capacitor product range for TPM series (low ESR multianode).

Key parameters of the new capacitor are a very low ESR of 18mOhm and a high capacitance of 2.200uF at 2,5V. 

The capacitor is available in E case packages (EIA Code 7343). It is ready to be used with high-performance processors which usually require a capacitance of 5.000uF and more for an operating voltage of approx. 1V. In the past 5x 1.000uF Low ESR Polymer capacitors have been used to achieve these target specifications.

By means of this new capacitance the capacitor count can be reduced to three, thereby cutting space and reducing costs.

The TPM low ESR multianode series is available as samples and series quantities from Rutronik, which is a broadline distributor for semiconductors, passive and electromechanical components in addition to wireless products, displays as well as embedded boards.

All product information stated in the current press release is based on the franchise situation in Germany and may vary by country.

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