Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Keithley guide to wireless and RF testing

This CD contains useful and informative RF testing resources, including application notes, articles, white papers, and product demonstrations, to help engineers reduce their cost of test by simplifying and solving the most challenging RF measurement applications. The CD is available free of charge at www.keithley.info/rfhandbookcdAdvanced Measurement Techniques for OFDM- and MIMO-based Radio Systems gives test engineers a broad range of information on the fast changing wireless communication and RF testing field for a wide array of applications, including spectrum analyzer power averaging, as well as the most challenging testing of the most complex signals, such as OFDM, MIMO, and WiMAX. In-depth application notes cover topics such as battery testing for mobile phones, RF semiconductor characterization, and RF and microwave signal switching in test setups. The CD also includes an RF glossary and useful tables, such as wireless communication protocol specifications, dbM-Watts-Volts conversion tables, and VSWR loss conversion tables.

Keithley Instruments, a supplier of products for emerging measurement needs, announces the Advanced Measurement Techniques for OFDM- and MIMO-based Radio Systems: Demystifying WLAN and WiMAX Testing, a new guide to wireless and RF testing.

More Information: To request a free copy of the CD Advanced Measurement Techniques for OFDM- and MIMO-based Radio Systems or for information on any of Keithley's RF test solutions, visit www.keithley.info/rfhandbookcd or contact the company at: www.keithley.com.

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