Monday, November 05, 2007

A series of Langer’s IC EMC testing devices available from Westek Electronics

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Langer's IC EMC testing devices
Langer EMV Technik has released a series of IC EMC testing devices including RF current measurement and burst injection probes, as well as a pulse burst generator. These devices permit a comprehensive suite of emission and immunity testing of ICs, ASICs, etc.

The Langer testing devices are obviously important in the design of ICs but are of equal importance in the evaluation and comparison of available components to circuit designers. This can save in production costs by avoiding the use of filtering and shielding components.

The Langer series 700 RF voltage measurement probes makes possible the detailed evaluation of RF voltage spectra at both high and low output levels. The probes are characterised by a high input resistance and capacitive coupling, as well as low input capacitance so that little load stress is placed on the output pins of the device under test.

The Langer series 600 RF current measurement probes have a shunt of 0.1 ohm coupled capacity, making them capable of measuring RF current without short-circuiting the device output pins.

The Langer model 600 RF probe measurements in combination with open circuit measurements achieved with the 600 series probes permit output impedance calculations. This permits circuit designers to work around device characteristics to achieve optimum immunity and minimum emission.

The RF characteristics of the supply rails can also be evaluated utilising Langer series 600 probes. An inductance is cut into the supply rail, and by virtue of the internal inductance of the IC being much greater than that encountered in the supply rail, its RF current returns to ground via the probe.

The behaviour of a device, for example an ASIC-based controller, under operating conditions can be evaluated using the Langer series 200 burst injection probes in combination with the Langer PBS burst generator.

In this way interference phenomena including toggling of certain registers, triggering of internal resets, etc can be tested. For example, a program loop is set up in the controller under test, and with the injection of various pulse burst patterns the output of a specific pin whose output is supposed to invert at the end of the program cycle, is monitored. Faults such as interference injected at reset pins can be tested using Langer series 200 and 300 probes.

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