Monday, November 05, 2007

Hua Hong NEC Releases USB Inter-Chip PHY IP for Embedded Flash Process Platform

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Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Electronics Co Ltd has released the USB Inter-Chip PHY IP (HQUSBFI001) for 0.25µm embedded Flash process platform.

The HQUSBFI001 is characterized by its advanced low-power performance, which is important to portable application IC designers. It can be set up on standard or ultra-low power mode when being suspended. The power will be lower than 1µA when it is in the ultra-low power mode. The company adopts a similar interface for this HQUSBFI001 with USB1.1 PHY. Since the HQUSBFI001 integrates inner pull-up and pull-down resistors, external resistors are not required. This is said to offer a convenient and cost-effective production design solution for customers.

The HQUSBFI001 is compatible with the USB2.0 Full speed, which fully meets the USB Inter-Chip criteria.

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