Thursday, November 01, 2007

Epson Commercializes Non-Contact Power Transmission Module

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Seiko Epson Corp has commercialized what it claims is a highly efficient module enabling non-contact power transmission. The product comprises a power transmission module and a power receiving module. Using these two elements as a set enables transmission of up to 0.5W (5V/100mA).

Non-Contact Power Transmission Module

The thin, flat coil used for power transmission results in a compact design, with the secondary module having an overall thickness of 2.3mm. Electromagnetic shielding fitted to the back of the transmission surface in each module reduces interference with other electronic components contained within the same device.

The module enables users to incorporate advanced safety measures for non-contact power transmission into their designs, with in-built safety features including metal detection, secondary detection and automatic cut-off in the event of excess current or abnormal temperature.

With the rapid increase in mobile devices, such equipment has come to be used in a more diverse range of environments. This product solves problems associated with conventional external power supplies using contact terminals, namely contact terminal degradation and insufficient power supply due to bad connections. Users can also use it to create mobile devices for applications that could previously only be powered by a conventional plug-in power supply.

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