Tuesday, October 30, 2007

LMH6552 - 1.5 GHz Fully Differential Amplifier from the PowerWise(R) Family

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General Description

The LMH6552 is a high performance fully differential amplifier designed to provide the exceptional signal fidelity and wide large-signal bandwidth necessary for driving 8 to 14 bit high speed data acquisition systems. Using National's proprietary differential current mode input stage architecture, the LMH6552 allows operation at gains greater than unity without sacrificing response flatness, bandwidth, harmonic distortion, or output noise performance.

With external gain set resistors and integrated common mode feedback, the LMH6552 can be configured as either a differential input to differential output or single ended input to differential output gain block. The LMH6552 can be AC or DC coupled at the input which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications including communication systems and high speed oscilloscope front ends. The performance of the LMH6552 driving an ADC14DS105 is 86 dBc SFDR and 74 dBc SNR up to 40 MHz.

The LMH6552 is available in an 8-pin SOIC package as well as a space saving, thermally enhanced 8-Pin LLP package for higher performance.


Differential ADC driver
Video over twisted pair
Differential line driver
Single end to differential converter
High speed differential signaling
IF/RF amplifier
Level shift amplifier
SAW filter buffer/driver

Typical Application

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LMH6552+ADC14DS105 combo circuit

Typical Performance

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Frequency Response vs Gain (Diff Input)

Connection Diagram

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LLP connection diagram

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