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DigiTronics open BIG 4 Theme

Digital electronics have spurred the human imagination and stimulated progress, while opening a fresh world of opportunity. At this year's DigiTronics Taipei (Taipei International Digital Electronics Show) visitors can discover the latest trends and products at 4 vital show pavilions, namely the Fiber 2u Pavilion, Intelligent Dwelling Space Pavilion, Smart Energy Efficient House Pavilion and DTV Pavilion.


Throughout this space one will be amazed by the latest breakthroughs in broadband, digital, intelligence, and energy efficiency that beckon a new wave of promise.


Fiber 2u � The Generation of Broadband

Remember each time you click onto ADSL that Taiwan's optical fiber subscribers will reach 500 thousand before the end of this year and 2.4 million by 2010. By that time, broadband subscribers will comprise more than half of the optical network. It's faster than ADSL and has higher bandwidths and is expected to eventually replace ADSL to become the main stream.


In order to establish a more complete development environment for FTTx, the most important foundation work for the Committee of Communications Industry Development (MOEA) this year is FTTx. And that endeavor is best show at the Fiber 2u Pavilion at this year's DigiTronics Taipei. To make this exhibit the best three groups have come together with their best.


These groups, the Committee of Communications Industry Development, the Communications Industry Alliance, and Triple-I (Institute for Information Technology) breaks the traditional image of control room optical fiber and instead opens a clear window on the latest Fiber to the Building (FTTB) technology.


In order to extend the optical fiber's application to the home users, the Committee of Communications Industry Development, Communications Industry Alliance and the Institute for Information Technology is beginning to promote FBB and collaborate with construction firms to encourage the establishment of FTTB (FTTB enables broadband subscribers to connect to at least 10/100Mbps of optical fiber Ethernet, and the bandwidth can be expanded to 1Gbps base on demand.)


Under the flourishing development of multimedia and digital contents, popular demand for greater bandwidth is constantly increasing. Optical networks enable content service for IP digitalized sound, data and multimedia data. Optical transmission will become the spindle for mass media of daily life, therefore opens a new blueprint of broadband Internet generations.


FBB (Fiber Broadband Building) Mark

Source: Committee of Communications Industry Development, MOEA, 2007/4


The Fiber 2u Pavilions introduces the application of optical fiber in the home of the future. That's where you can identify the meaning of FBB and establish a life of broadband applications for yourself! In today's advanced communication technology, This area brings together the best of such makers Sole-Vision Technologies, ACTi, China Network Systems and UniSVR!


Intelligent Dwelling � Be a Smart Digital Aborigines 

Are you a digital cave man driven crazy by electric appliances and computers, or a digital Neanderthal at ease with your digital lifestyle? This year's DigiTronics Taipei features "the Intelligent Dwelling Space Pavilion" that's put together by ITRI's (the Industrial Technology Research Institute) Material & Chemical Research Laboratories. It shows the vast improvements that can be achieved by applying concepts of Contented Security, Health Care, Sustainable Energy Efficient and Comfortable & Convenient.


The exhibits in this pavilion embrace Home Security, Remote Monitoring, Medical Health Care, Interface Integration and the Establishment of Information & Communication Platform. Participating manufacturers cover everyone from up, mid, and downstream, including Rosonix Technology, Mo-Soft Tech., A-Medi Technologies and ITRI's creativity Lab and Materials & Chemical Research Laboratories. In incorporates Rosonix Technology's quest to develop Wireless Sensor Networks to create Intelligent Dwelling Spaces.


Rosonix Technology accepted technical transfer by Triple-III to utilize the Intelligent Location Based System in this project.


Intelligent Location Based System

Source: Rosonix Technology, 2007/4


Access control and guest tracking can be easily handled by the Wireless Real Time Location System to cut the burden of manual calculation and human error. It also helps business logistics by decreasing problems and operating costs. Used in commercial spaces or museums, the system can be used to transmit commodity commercials or exhibit narration to the speaker after the sensor had confirmed that the client is in position, providing a more exquisite personalized service. The National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung already uses this kind of application. The Wireless Real Time Location System is also suited for everyday tasks such as community safety, and senior and child care. It can confirm the location of seniors or children at all times.


Smart Energy Efficient House � A New Move for the Environment

Everyone knows the pinch of soaring oil prize; Even if not an environmental specialist, you must have heard about the Kyoto Protocol and seen some imaginary movies about land being swallowed up by sea. The Smart Energy Efficient House, schemed by the ITRI Energy and Environment Research Laboratories (EEL), reminds people that they can make improvements even in their everyday daily lives. Air conditioning systems developed by EEL of ITRI can be plugged in for reduced use of energy and great savings.

                           DC Split Air Conditioner Controller                                    Metal Halide Lamp

                           Development System   



Furthermore, although the convenience stores in the modern day society operate 24-7 to provide people with all weather convenience, it also causes a 24-7 energy burden. This calls for more rational power use devices to conserve power. As a result this pavilion is staging the Convenience Store Electricity Energy Saving Surveillance System that offers a 3-win prospect for chain outlets, convenience stores, and consumers. The cost of this system developed by ITRI is only a third of similar products abroad/


The lighting products appearing everywhere in the Energy Efficient House are also ITRI energy saving exhibits. The LED Lighting Module for example is capable of supplying 20 thousand hours of power, the Metal Halide Lamps with Dimmable Electronic Ballast or the Lighting Management Systems are suited for group control. The long-term aim is the same, to make for Simple, Convenient, Intelligent and Efficient hourly energy saving.


A Power Saving Surveillance System For Convenience Store

Source: EEL (ITRI), 2007/4


The Digital TV Fever Sweeping the Globe

Digital TV has become the most popular key development of the global video industry. Advanced countries like the USA, Japan and those across the EU have sequentially begun broadcasting digital TV and radio. As gap filler stations are constantly being established in offshore island regions, the airwaves of Taiwan's digital wireless TV have reached over 80% capacity. This year, the Taiwan Digital Television Committee (DTVC) is promoting a series of campaigns launched by Taiwan's GIO (Government Information Office) which aim to connect the annual DigiTronics Taipei to the DTV Pavilion. The main topic focuses upon high definition TV, handheld mobile TVs and the latest digital TV technologies.


High definition TV and handheld mobile TVs will be a vital aspect of digital entertainment. The DTV Pavilion joins five major wireless TV stations, systems, and terminal firms across Taiwan to fully present the future trends of Taiwan digital TV. The 5 TV stations will each showcase their high definition TV programs, handheld mobile TVs and other themes.


In this endeavor Taiwan's flagship company, Tatung Co. is working with Triple III to present its best high definition TVs and handheld mobile TVs. And nearby will be Gemstar Tech with their EPG (electronic program guide).

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