Wednesday, October 31, 2007

30W DC/DC Converter has 4:1 Input

VSCQ30 Series 30W DC/DC Converters V-Infinity

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V-Infinity introduced a line of 30W DC/DC converters. The VSCQ30 series is compact, has a wide 4:1 input range, and excels in environments where space is at a premium and high efficiency is demanded.  The pin mount version measures 2" x 1.6". This series also has an available "T" chassis mount version for mounting convenience. The device has an input range from 9V DC to 36V DC at a nominal input of 24V or 18V DC to 75V DC input range at nominal input of 48V. Output options range from 3.3 V DC to 15V DC. The series operates over a wide temperature range and is up to 91 precent efficient. It comes with industry standard pin-out in a six-sided metal case. Other features include fixed 300 KHz switching frequency, regulated outputs, and continuous short circuit protection. OEM pricing starts at $38 per unit. 

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