Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Automotive Applications

Product development services for a range of automotive applications, including mobile satellite communications and automotive cruise control radars.

For satellite communications applications, ERA has pioneered the use of unique low cost, very low profile scanning antennas. Designed initially for reception of satellite TV services in Ku-Band, the technology is being used on recreational vehicles, sports utility vehicles, buses, coaches and trains. The technology can readily be extended to higher frequency bands, for example to serve future interactive services in Ka-Band.
Low profile satcom antenna designed by ERA in collaboration with Winegard
ERA has applied its novel twist reflector antenna technology to Automotive Cruise Control Radar systems which operates in the 77GHz band. Using its unique manufacturing processes, ERA has been able to incorporate a total of eight high performance antennas into a single housing.

This housing is also used to accommodate the RF electronics and to provide heat sinking for the high power components. De-icing of the radome is also possible. Production costs are compatible with application of the sensor system across a wide range of automotive platforms.


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