Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rectifier IC boosts

Increasing system efficiency by 1% over discrete solutions, the IR1166 SmartRectifier IC simplifies the design of mid-power secondary synchronous rectification (SR) circuits of resonant half-bridge converters and flyback converters designed for 50 to 150-W discontinuous conduction mode, critical conduction mode, and continuous conduction mode. The part uses a technique for precise, direct sensing of voltage thresholds across the SR MOSFETs.

Specifications include a VCC of 20 V, a VFET of 200 V, a maximum switching frequency of 500 kHz, a gate drive of 1/–3.5 A, a VGATE clamp voltage of 10.7 V, and a maximum sleep current of 200 µA. The part is housed in an SO-8 package and will soon be in a DIP-8 package. The IRAC116-100W flyback reference design is also available. ($0.70 ea/10,000—available now.)

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