Friday, October 27, 2006

Wireless GroundLink® System (WGL)

Teledyne Controls’ Wireless GroundLink® System (WGL) enables aircraft operators to fully automate the recording and transmission of their flight data, therefore eliminating all risk of data loss involved with traditional manual procedures. Offering unprecedented reliability, the GroundLink solution is a unique patented system that records and wirelessly transfers flight data from the aircraft to the ground, without any media handling and human intervention.

Using a Teledyne proprietary protocol, the raw data recorded during flight is compressed, encrypted and then transmitted via cellular technology and the Internet to the airline's or Teledyne's ground-based data center for processing and analysis. With the Teledyne Wireless GroundLink solution, airlines can significantly reduce data delivery delays (the data is typically available within 10-15 minutes after an aircraft has landed, versus several days or weeks with manual data retrieval). Additional operational benefits are realized since human resources, equipment costs and data-loss associated with manual retrieval methods are virtually eliminated.

Key Features of Teledyne's Wireless GroundLink® System

A fast, reliable and cost effective solution to move data on and off the aircraft

QAR data retrieval from aircraft without human involvement

Upload software and databases into on-board aircraft systems

Data accumulated during the flight is compressed and encrypted for security

Simultaneous use of up to eight full duplex radios

Multi-band radios for world wide operation

Upgradable to support emerging cellular data standards

Multiple radio transmission reduces data transfer time

Data delivered world wide, over the Internet

No investment in the infrastructure –Uses existing infrastructure maintained by service providers

Operates in controlled frequency spectrum world wide, protected from interference

End-to-end automation on aircraft data retrieval and analysis when used in conjunction with the AirFASE® flight data analysis tool.

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